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Tell Tale Signs of a Fake Watch- Identifying the Gem among Rocks

While shopping for a stylish watch, many of us do get intimidated by the fact that we might end up buying a fake one. Spending huge bucks on a watch that turns out to be an imitation can lead to sleepless nights. The guilt feeling that results is sometimes too overwhelming. But there is no need to fret. There are ways to gauge whether a watch is authentic or a replica. Here are the best techniques to distinguish the genuine from the fake.



The Dial Says It All


A closer inspection of the dial would give you a fair impression about the authenticity of the model. On the dial are certain details such as the logo of the company and lettering. If the logo has not been properly positioned on the dial or the letter is smudged then what you have in your hand is a replica in the disguise of a genuine watch. When buying wrist watch online for men, taking a close look at all the pictures would help you complete this step.


Genuine watches are silent


Genuine watches are of silent kinds. You will hardly be able to hear them tick and that is because they have been constructed with a smooth mechanism. So, it only makes sense that you pay attention to the ticking sound and if you can hear it from a distance then there is no doubt that it is a counterfeit.




Judging the weight is a sure way to differentiate the real ones from an imitation. Just take the watch in your hand and try to gauge its weight. If it feels heavy enough it is a genuine timepiece. The original watches are generally constructed from precious metals which are heavy, while fake watches are made from light-weight material.




The bracelet just doesn’t add elegance to the watch but is also a sign of its originality. Cheaply engraved stamps on the buckle, parts not fitting properly, rough movement of the bracelet links, simple clasp mechanism, finishing not up to the mark are sure signs of an imitation.


The face


If the face seems to be scratched or the dial is not visible through it then the likelihood is high that what you have in your hand is not the original model. The face of the genuine watches are made out of a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, while manufacturers of fake watches rely on the low-quality glass. So, before buying a watch take a closer look at the face to judge its authenticity.




If you are still confused about how a genuine watch looks like, just check out the Timex Classic watches. Fashioned by master craftsmen, these watches exhibit elegance, sophistication, and style. With style that’s simple yet eye-catching, it is a perfect accessory to wear to parties, movies or morning walks.


No matter whether you are buying a stylish watch for men online or from a physical store, these facts would surely help you differentiate between a genuine watch and a fake one.